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It was the graffiti. It had to be the graffiti itself that held the key to the confusing events that leave Zero questioning his sanity. Ever since Zero’s grandmother died, his world has become smaller, more isolated, and he has become lonelier than ever.

But after a chance encounter with a graffiti covered wall that transports him into another world, Zero must find answers. With the help of one of his neighbors, a grunge era musician and her biker boyfriend, Zero sets out on a journey to find the mysterious ‘Roze’, a local graffiti writer. If he could only ask why it is that every time he comes into contact with Roze’s walls, reality doesn’t behave the way it should.

Milo Tillery
Milo Tillery

From obsessive musician to obsessive writer…the latest leg of the journey has been an interesting one. Since the age of fifteen, I have been a working musician – performing, touring, and session work in a variety of styles. It has been fun, and nothing if not diverse.

A while back, I started to write down stories and my whole worldview of who I was changed. More time was spent sitting around daydreaming about what might be happening to characters, and imagining what they would say or do in certain situations.
Telling a story is a lot like playing music…

…except that sometimes it’s not.